Students Success Centre


The vision is to see students succeed in different fields of their academic lives on campus through extra-curricular activities and career office. Through this, the students expand their capabilities highlighting their talents and skills and maximizing their full potential.


The mission of the BlueCrest College Students Success Office is to create prospects for students to learn how to progress throughout their academic careers on and off campus. Our services provide students as they train through skills and habits for academic success, learn with and from their peers, and reflect on their ongoing progress as scholars. Through Collaborations with BCC faculty and staff, our work endorses a university culture that responds to students’ needs and supports each student’s capability to accomplish their goals.


  • Involve students in school activities to promote inclusion on campus.
  • The SRC is a part of the governance of the school since they represent the student body. For this reason, the SRC have an inclusion in what and how some decisions affect the students.
  • With the creation of Clubs for each department, the main goal is to have as many students involved in the activities as possible
  • Expanding students’ knowledge through extra-curricular activities in and out of school
  • Students are to enjoy being with the BlueCrest family thus recommending the school to many people in the long run.
  • Create conducive environments where students can prepare for the careers outside campus.


  • Organizing internal competitions and winners given prices (this will be discussed with HODs and a way found in how to implement).
  • Organisation of events that improve on the student life and general skills of students
  • These events can be in the form of seminars, workshops, presentations, international events like breast cancer awareness month, SRC week, etcetera.
  • Introduction of new clubs and revamping existing clubs together with departments. These clubs will be run by some faculty of the departments and the human success office will be their main point of contact for advisory purposes
  • Partnership with the SRC to implement some of their goals set for the year.
  • Organize a survey for students. This survey is meant to give concrete feedback from students and help the student success office in reaching students through what is required by the majority.
  • Organizing elections for Alumni. This will help the alumni feel included and have representation when it comes to their affairs.
  • Point of contact (POC) documents to be shared with clubs. This will aid them in being independent in their operations

Campus Events

BCC Students visit some tourist sites in Freetown

Student at BlueCrest College took a day trip to one of Sierra Leone finest beach which is River No 2 on 3rd March 2023. It’s an event which the student has been longing for. Of all the beaches in Freetown, River Number 2 is by far the best. Easy to reach from Tokeh Beach (they are located on different sides of the same lagoon), it boasts incredibly fine, white sand and transparent azure waters perfect for a swim.

The student had the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, white sand and more over interact with their lecturers and friends.

The beach is managed by the local community, who does a great job at keeping it clean. You will find a large parking lot, a good beach-side restaurant; chairs, loungers and umbrellas and even a small, modest but comfortable guesthouse. There is even a tourist market to pick up some souvenirs to bring home.