Idea Garden

Thanks to all who participated in the challenge

Please see below for what happens next...

Some Key Dates

Submissions are now CLOSED

Submissions will be sent to the judges

Some Participants will be asked to present remotely through Zoom

These will run thru 31st July

Qualified entries may be notified of Operational Funding as early as August 2020!

A Note

  • This challenge was visualized and launched prior to the recent COVID-19 challenges we are all facing. However, if an idea is deemed as beneficial to alleviating some of the struggles that the virus directly or indirectly is causing, it can move to Rapid Implementation and receive Operational Funding to be utilized quickly.

  • There are no specific requirements for the ideas, all ideas are accepted and judged.


  1. Up to 10,000 USD Operational Support for the selected ideas

  2. Teams will be formed and mentored in the Virtual BlueCrest/iSpace Lab

  3. Office space on BlueCrest campus with bandwidth for teams to work (as conditions allow).

Adjudication for
the Challenge

Panel of Judges:

  • Todd Holcombe
  • Eric Osiakwan
  • Ashwin Ravichandran
  • Fredrik Andersson
  • Dziffa Ametam
  • Josiah Kwesi Eyison

All ideas will be judged on:

  • Problem Relevance
  • Originality of Solution
  • Social Impact
  • Technical Viability
  • Potential for Monetization
  • Market Size / Market Placement