Diploma in Server Infrastructure Management (DSI)

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Diploma in Server Infrastructure


Diploma in Server Infrastructure provides you enterprises network environments which are centrally managed and need to be robust, scalable and secure. Enterprises, therefore, require a server-based platform to cater to its ever-changing business requirements. In order to manage such dynamic and heterogeneous environment, enterprises need skilled server specialists and administrators, who can install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot the servers and network infrastructure services.

Windows Server 2019 from Microsoft is the most advanced server operating system used to power networks, applications and web services. This course provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to manage, deploy, build, design, optimize and operate Microsoft Windows Server 2019 technologies.

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  • Describe the differences and similarities between the core elements of an IT infrastructure solution, such as clients, servers, network devices, wired and wireless network links, systems software, and specialized security devices.

  • Explain through practical examples how protocols are used to enable communication between computing devices connected to each other.

  • Classify the role and structure of the Internet as an IT infrastructure component and design simple infrastructure solutions based on the use of the Internet

  • Define the role of IT control and service management frameworks in managing a large-scale organizational IT infrastructure solution.

  • Identify, adapt and use appropriate cognitive and practical skills to inform actions and address problems that are complex and non-routine while normally fairly well-defined.
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