Certificate in Relational Database Management Systems using SQL

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Certificate in Relational Database Management Systems using SQL


Information is critical for any business to be successful. Information is extracted from data stored in databases. Today relational database are the most popular forms of storing data. Besides storing data and extracting information, a database has to be managed effectively. The software used to manage and retrieve information in a Relational Database is called Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

The Course introduces you to basic concepts and architecture of Database Management Systems (DBMS). The course further explain the need and the types of data models used by Industry. Further it illustrates the basic concepts of Relational Models. Concepts like relation, relational operators and normalization are also discussed. This course aims at providing solid foundations in understanding Database Designs. This course is applicable to anyone who needs to learn to design a Relational Database

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  • Understand relational data model in terms of data structure, data integrity, and data manipulation<

  • Understand and create conceptual database models utilizing entity-relationship.

  • Understand the theory behind the relational data model as it applies to interactions with current database management systems.

  • Design data structures that will limit redundancy and enforce data integrity while conforming to organizational requirements utilizing normalization methodology.

  • Interpret a given data model to query the database and transform the data into information using SQL (Structured Query Language).

  • Create reports based on transactional data, including elements such as data groupings and summary values.

  • Implement a data model in a current RDBMS.

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