Certificate in
Microsoft Office

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Certificate in
Microsoft Office

DURATION: 2 Months

The Microsoft Office suite is a collection of most popular widely used office productivity software in the industry, which is used by professionals ranging from the CEO of a company to a storekeeper. Microsoft Office allows users to do tasks such as typing a letter in Word or do complex calculations using Excel. This course enables a student to use Microsoft Office software to maintain documents, analyzing financial data, storing and retrieving records, and presentations for business meetings.

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  • Build spreadsheets to perform calculations, display data, conduct analysis, and explore what-if scenarios.

  • They learn to edit and manipulate text, view and format documents, and use various viewing and navigation options

  • Examine spreadsheet concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Excel environment.

  • Create and edit charts and graphics

  • Design and construct databases to store, extract, and analyze scientific and real world data.

  • Create scientific and technical documents incorporating equations, images, tables, and bibliographies.
  • Develop technical and scientific presentations which use charts and visual aids to share data.
  • Identify, access, and evaluate information to solve real world problems.
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