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Graphic Design & Multimedia

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Course Description


Course enables the students to acquire knowledge of visual communication to its problem solving techniques through typography iconography and illustration. An extensive learning, focusing more on Practical based study program, keeping in mind with the current graphic design trend and preferences. During their course duration they will learn Creative Software’s such as Photoshop, Corel draw & animate. They will also be taught to develop the basics of a graphic designer’s mindset with the help of Art & creativity. This course will help them in developing essential skills in them which will help them to stand out loud in this current design Industry.

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  • Create effective print and digital communications, and user experiences through the application of theories, tools, and best practices in the field.

  • Express basic concepts related to multimedia.

  • Develop multimedia applications.

  • Exhibit a thoughtful application of the elements and principles of visual design, color theory, information hierarchy, and typography to successfully communicate narratives, concepts, emotions, and/or identities across a variety of media.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills for project planning, design, and creation.

  • Communicate clearly in visual, verbal, and written forms using techniques appropriate for the intended audience.

  • Participate as a team member to make collaborative decisions toward shared objectives with civility, interpersonal skills, and professionalism.

  • Explain how design enhances viewer comprehension in extracting meaning from designed elements.

  • Interpret the ethical, environmental, legal, or social effects of designed works on the larger global community.
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