Professional Certificate In Garment Construction


This course is designed to provide competencies in various components of garments which are essential to enable students fabricate various components of fashion. Students are expected to fabricate garments for kids, adolescents and adults as per the layouts and specifications. It also focuses on intermediate and advanced garment construction, with emphasis on tailoring, fitting, formalwear techniques, and creating sustainable fashion of African and Western Clothing. It introduces students to contemporary manufacturing, finishing processes, and emerging trends in apparel production. Course also provides practical analysis of the basic components of textiles and their relationship to performance. Students are to examine the characteristics of fibers, yarns, methods of fabric construction, such as weaving and knitting, and survey dyes, prints, and finishes. Emphasis is placed on performance and the determination of fabric suitability in the apparel design industry

student Requirements

Candidates who are accepted into the program will be provided an admissions offer letter, and will be requested to make the relevant downpayment towards their fees.

  • Visit the college to make an enquiry or submit an online enquiry
  • Purchase the Registration Form for Le 500,000
  • Apply Online or Submit the Form in Person
  • Wait for the admissions team to contact you for interview