Certificate in RDBMS Essentials & T-SQL Programming (SQL)


This course introduces you to basic concepts and architecture of Database Management Systems (DBMS). The course further explains the need and the types of Data Models used by industry. Further, it illustrates the basic concepts of Relational Models. Concepts like relation, relational operator, and normalization are also discussed. This course aims at providing solid foundations in understanding a Database Design. This course is applicable to anyone who needs to learn to design a Relational Database.

student Requirements

Candidates who are accepted into the program will be provided an admissions offer letter, and will be requested to make the relevant downpayment towards their fees.

  • Visit the college to make an enquiry or submit an online enquiry
  • Purchase the Registration Form for Le 500,000
  • Apply Online or Submit the Form in Person
  • Wait for the admissions team to contact you for interview