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Yes, the entry requirements are posted on each of the program pages.
You can submit an online application for any program by going to the admission menu and clicking on Apply Now.
If you paid online, your e-mail confirmation is your receipt. We do not send any other acknowledgment of payment. If payment is missing, we will contact you. If you paid at the campus, you will get a physical receipt copy.
There is no formula for gaining admission to BlueCrest. Academic accomplishment in senior high school is important. The Admissions Committee does not use quotas of any kind. We rely on academic credentials of the student, and try to assess your desire to succeed and learn in the world of technology and business.
Most applications are read by two or more members of the Admissions Committee and are considered very carefully in a series of committee meetings.
BlueCrest admits students throughout the year for certificate programs and for degree programs.
Yes. Our waiting list includes the strongest applicants whom the Committee was not able to admit but might still wish to consider for admission if spots in the entering class open later. The wait list is not ranked.
Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
Yes, based on the entry requirement, aspirants can take more than one course at the same time.
Credit system is a systematic way of describing an educational program by allotting specific time to a particular subject. This helps the student to understand the effort he has to put in, to successfully complete a course.


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