B.Sc. Information Technology (IT)


With the growing use of Computers and Information Technology (IT) in our day to day life, it is necessary that we have the trained manpower to manufacture, maintain and use the Computers as well as write the software required for the effective and efficient use of the Computers & IT.

If we try to understand one of the most common features that have enabled the businesses to become successful is that they all have evolved to become information enabled business. Role played by Information Technology is that of a driver rather than an enabler.

Information Technology is used from Simple Office Automation to Decision Support, Re-Engineering and Organization Transformation. A new genre of manpower/managers is required to harness the awesome capabilities of information Technology and to tap the potential of this tool to its maximum.

The B.Sc. (IT) Course at BlueCrest College is a complete professional grooming of students for a successful career in the IT industry. Its aim is to explore essential skills as demanded by the global IT industry through interactive learning process.

This also includes soft-skills, leadership skills, audio-visual presentations and personality development programmes. The programme enhances analytical and communication skills besides inculcating the virtues of self-study. The Curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever changing demands of IT & Software Technology along with necessary inputs from Industry. The B.Sc. (IT) program at BlueCrest College is rigorous and focused on providing hands on experience of Software Development process and allied areas with an integrated approach towards teaching, practical sessions for learning and applying technology in the real world.

student Requirements

Candidates who are accepted into the program will be provided an admissions offer letter, and will be requested to make the relevant downpayment towards their fees.

  • Visit the college to make an enquiry or submit an online enquiry
  • Purchase the Registration Form for Le 400,000
  • Apply Online or Submit the Form in Person
  • Attach The Following Supporting Documents (Online or In Person)
    • Birth Certificate
    • WASSCE Results
    • School Testimonial / Recommendation Letter
    • Passport Photo
    • WAEC Scratch Card Information
  • Wait for the admissions team to contact you for internal exam & interview